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Offers dissapeard during call

One for the Virgin Team I think ….8 days ago I renewed my account over the phone after having done battle re the price and benefits .  I was told the price would include 1 GB for BB.  Something was going on in the call centre so the girl could not hear and said she would call back for the payment.  No surprise she didn’t.   So I called them and they would not give the 1GB discussed so I had to settle on 600MB.    
speed was rubbish yesterday so I went on my account to check for problems and surprise, there was a request to renew my account, a few pounds cheaper, including 1GB, a free Echo Dot and a Blink Door Bell.  So I called to discuss and was told this was only for new customers, which can’t be true as it was an offer on my existing account which the staff just could not grasp.  Then during the call, the offer magically disappeared!!!!! But I had already taken a screenshot.  Got through to cancellation team who were looking into it when a fire alarm went off so they would have to call me back - guess what they didn’t !!     Hopefully someone on the Virgin team can pick this up for me.  Thanks.  

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