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O2 Messed up Ultimate Volt SIM - Will it affect my TV & Broadband bundle

Joining in

I ordered the Ultimate Volt package. But never received my O2 SIM card. I went into an O2 shop to get one, but in the process they switched my tariff to their £31 Unlimited tariff. I rang O2, who couldn't switch me back to the Ultimate Volt Tariff, so instead gave me the correct discount to bring the price back down to £25.

Will this affect my TV & Broadband bundle, as I believe the two deals are linked?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello brizzleshorey


Thanks for posting in regards to the changes to your O2 tariff and if this will impact your Virgin Media services, we appreciate the confusion and you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


Any changes made to the O2 element of the package wouldn't result in a change to the Virgin Media package applied unless it was cancelled. Changing from one O2 tariff to another won't impact this as long as the address for each is the same still.