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Fibre optic

My contract is due to end on 3 October 2023.  When should I call to cancel my services to avoid any further charge after that date?


Alessandro Volta

Presume you mean your discounted minimum term period is ending on 3/10/23. You need to give 30 days notice to cancel so, if you want to end on that date, you would need to give notice on 3/9/23, which is tomorrow as I type this!

But VM charges you, as normal, right up until the day you are disconnected. So you also need to look at your direct debit date(s) when the payments come out and the period covered by each bill.

Once you are disconnected, you will get a final bill which will tell you the balance on the account. If you are in debit you pay the final bill and leave. If you are in credit, VM will refund you.

Thanks very much Goslow.

Fibre optic

I submitted my notice and signed up with Sky. The following day, VM phoned and offered to double my broadband speed, improve my TV package with a monthly bill reduction from £75 to £48.

I accepted.

Glad to hear you got an improved offer on your previous package. Your experience adds weight to the idea that the customer has greatest bargaining leverage in the last 30 days of a minimum term period.

You just need to set a date in your diary to do the same thing again in another 18 months time so as to avoid jumping up to a much higher 'standard' price on your bigger bundle of services!

Diary already set for 16.5 months' time (quite a jump then in the improved package charges).

Thanks very much for your advice.