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Not recieving email verification email

Joining in

Was wondering if anyone could help me I tried to create an account on virgin media app everythi g was going fine the it asked me to verify my email address and they had sent a link I didn't receive the li k time and when I finally clicked the link it had expired I have resent the link multiple times and still had nothing come through 

My services are up and running now but I've no way of keeping on top of everything without this link so any help would be much appreciated 

Also I'm getting all my other email from virgin media so it's not the email address thays the problem anyone know if it's there side ??? 

Thanks in advance Jordan 


I also have this issue.


Broadband finally set up this week after a week of issues and now stuck in a loop with the verification email never materialising.   Sure it's not my end as I just verified the new forum account with no issues.


Customer services really unhelpful too.  Seems to me the answer regardless of the issue is just to wait a bit longer.


Can I get some help too please?


Many thanks


Hi @Foyboy1979


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the online account.


I will send you a private message now.


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop me a reply when you can.

Vikki - Forum Team

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I am also having this issue.

Please can you private message me to resolve this.

Many thanks



I’m having the same problem 

Hi leelittlehales, 

Welcome to to the community and thank you for posting. 

We are very sorry to hear you have not received your verification email. 

It could possibly be down to an admin error but we can get this confirmed. 

To do this, I will pop you over a private message to the inbox at the top of the page now. 

Speak soon, 



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Chayya, 

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the community and welcome. 

We apologise for any issues with setting up a new account due to not receiving the welcome email. 

We'll also need to take some details in order to look in to this further so please check your inbox for a message from us.