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Not received delivery of router and tivo

Please could anyone tell me how long after the promised delivery and installation date they have had to wait for their equipment to be delivered. 

Mine was supposed to have been delivered to a collect point on the 1st November but has not been delivered. I rang Virgin on the 2nd November to ask why it hasn't been delivered and spent 90 minutes on then phone and spoke to 5 different people each time having to go through the reason why I was contacting them. 

I am really starting to panic as due to health reasons I work from home  a lot of the time and I need an internet connection to do my job. My BT line is due to end soon as I gave notice to BT  to go with Virgin which I really regret doing now. I won't be able to work from home soon if this is not sorted and I will lose my job. I feel so let down and mislead by Virgin and feel so stressed by all of this. 

Am I able to cancel my because they have not fulfilled what they were supposed to do so they are technically in breach of their contract? 

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Re: Not received delivery of router and tivo

have you been to the collection to see if it is actually there?

mine got dropped off at the point on the day it should have but the courier forgot to mark it as delivered so no notification was ever sent to say if it was there for collection.

I just went to the collection point and asked if they had had their delivery today, which they had, and the guy put it thru the system so that i could take it away.

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Re: Not received delivery of router and tivo

Hi SWal and welcome to the community,

I'm sorry to hear your equipment wasn't delivered as expected.

Have you managed to check at the collection point as suggested by @chenks?

Let us know,

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