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No welcome email, so no account number

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I'm moving into a new house with a few friends, was tasked with setting up internet. Because one of them was moving in before the rest of us I ordered the router on the day he'd get there, but he decided to come a bit later so we got one of those 'We missed you' slips with a number to call on it.
Called the number, the guy said we'd need the tracking number to rearrange delivery, but because it was ordered through Virgin Media's website and not him, he didn't have access to it. Apparently I was supposed to get a text from Yodel 2 hours before the router was due to be delivered with a tracking number on it, I never got this text.
I then found out that I could use My Virgin Media to see all my deliveries and track them. Attempted to register using the email address I used to buy my package and it says I need an account number and area reference. So I try to find out what this is - on VM's website it says I can find it on an ebill or paper bill (I don't have these as I haven't got a bill yet), or through my welcome email, which I also never got. How am I meant to get a hold of this tracking number if there's no way of getting my account number? Only option I can think of is to wait until the first month's up and I get a bill, but I don't want to wait that long without internet.


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Edit: Also have checked my junk mail folder, nothing in there. Only 2 emails I've ever got from Virgin are an order confirmation and the contract.

Hi charliesutton,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome both here and to Virgin Media, sorry to hear you haven't been able to reschedule your delivery due to not knowing the account details, the contract should show the account number.



The contract has a 'Contract summary sheet number', which is the only number I can find on it, it's 12 digits though and an account number is 8 to 9 according to VM. I also still don't have the reference code.

Hey _charliesutton, thanks for the reply back. 

Sorry to hear of the issue with the missing account number, what email address did you use place this order online? 
Is it the same email you've received the contract on and have you checked yours and your flatmate's emails for any more info in regard? 

Did you receive any other communication from us or Yodel about the postage or your installation at all?

Let us know and we're happy to help.

Forum Team

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Yep, only used a single email address and the only emails from virgin I have are an order confirmation and the contract, nothing else. I haven't given virgin any of my housemates' email addresses. Have received no communication from Yodel at all as of yet.

We can look into this for you _charliesutton, I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you and look forward to hearing back from you.



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I've already made a post about this but the admin I was talking with simply decided to stop replying to me so I'm making it again, please can an admin help me, VM support are utterly useless and always promise to call me back, but never actually do, you guys are my last hope otherwise I've got a year long contract of no internet.
So, I'm moving into a student house with a couple mates in two weeks, I ordered a VM package (M500, router, stream box). I set the delivery date to the 31st August as that was when my friend said he'd be there but he decided to move in later, no big deal right? When I ordered it I was told that I'd get a text from Yodel within 2 hours of the delivery slot, but I've had zero communication from them. Of course, we missed the delivery as nobody was in, but the delivery guy left a slip with a number to call. I called up the sales rep, and he tells me in order to reschedule delivery I need a tracking number, which should've been in Yodel's text, but as I said I never got it. So I go looking around on VM forums, I find out I can get my tracking number through My Virgin Media and so I try to register but it asks me for an account number and area reference, I dig around again and find that these two numbers should be on my contract, however, on my contract under the header for account number and area reference is just '-', so from what I gather I haven't yet been assigned either. I found this is likely because the previous tenants of the house still have their subscription active (friends are using their subscription in the house right now, they left the router there, and their name is registered to the address still). I can't override this as I haven't set up my router yet, but because I don't have the router, I can't, so I'm stuck in a cycle - I can't reschedule delivery because I don't have a tracking number, I don't have a tracking number because I can't access it, and in order to access it I need my account number and area reference, which I can't get without plugging in the router.

Hi _charliesutton, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you feel as though our team have been ignoring you. 

This is not the case. I can see that Rob has been communicating with you via Private Message. If you have replied to his message already then you just need to be patient as it can take us a few days to pick up messages. 

Once Rob has picked up your message and investigated things, he will be back in touch with you. 

If it's been over 3 days then pop him another message and this should flag things to him. 

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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I understand but it's just I need to get this sorted out fast, I don't have 3 days to spare, I can only assume that if I don't get this tracking number and reschedule delivery that pretty soon it'll be sent directly back to VM from the place it's being held and will be a real pain to sort out again. I don't want to end up having to pay for a new router.