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No confirmation of engineer

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I've ordered a new broadband & o2 package (original date was 02/09/23, install date requested is 26/09/23) and have had all the contract details emailed. When I check the site that was sent by txt it says "we have your order". I've not heard anything else and a bit concerned it's not going to happen as old broadband will be cut off shortly after this. What do I need to do?


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I would strongly suggest that you check with your current (old) provider and see if they can continue on a month-by-month basis. There is a non-zero chance that the VM install won’t happen on the scheduled date and gets deferred, potentially for weeks or months, the good news is that you don’t start paying until it is working, the bad news is that you may have to pay an inflated rate to your old provider on a monthly basis!

Is this a self-install, ie they just send the kit, because there is already a VM connection in the property, or a full new install, requiring new cables to be run to your house? If the latter, then this increases the possibility of a delay.

There is nothing you can realistically do, to check or expedite matters, all you can do is make preparations for a Plan B if is all goes wrong.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @lozzwozz 

Thanks for posting, welcome to both the community and indeed Virgin Media.

I am sorry to hear you've not had an update. I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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