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New customer, tale of woe

Signed up with Virgin for Broadband two days ago, but the sign-up page has faults.

1) Virgin are supposed to notify my current BB supplier - but I can't tell them it's PlusNet because PlusNet is not on the Virgin list! Choose "Other" in the list and that's it - no opportunity to input the correct name. Received 4 emails the following day about the new account, none of which address this issue.

2) I can't give Virgin my full name because the field for it limits the number of characters

My name is: Christopher
The field accepted: Christophe

However, that invalidates the Direct Debit! Received an email to confirm the DD details (wrong name of course). If anything is wrong, you are asked to contact 0345 454 1111. Phone. Climb a mountain of options. Wait for someone. That person then asks security questions that the email does not mention so I didn't have them to hand.

I described the faults on the sign-up Web page and asked if that information could be relayed back to get the page fixed and I also suggested that the email should tell you that, when you phone, security details will be requested and what type of details would be be required. I got a zero response to all of that, as though I had not said anything at all.

3) When you sign-up, you are of course asked to enter a password. So I did, 16 characters.

Rejected: password must be between 6 and 15 characters. OK, submitted a 15 character password.
Rejected: password must be numbers and letters only, no "special" characters.
Submitted a 15 character password consisting only of numbers and letters. Accepted!!

Today, I went to log into my account in the hope that I could correct the Direct Debit details.

Password rejected: Can only be between 6 and 10 characters long!

Is there anyone, anyone at all at Virgin who listens to customers and is empowered to fix problems?

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Re: New customer, tale of woe

Hi ChrisW3,


Sorry to hear about the problems your having with the Direct Debit setup and account problems.


I'm going to send you a Private Message, please reply to it so I can take a look.





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