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New contract offer - start date?

Tuning in

I have had an email with a new contract offer since my contract expires early December. If I accept it, would the new contract start immediately or from when my contract ends in December?


if it starts immediately, I would be paying more for a couple of months which would prevent me from accepting it now.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi chrisbickley,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. If you wish to take a new deal with us, your new package will generally take effect 24 hours after you sign the new contract deal.

If you're current contract ends in December, but you take a new deal before this date, your old package would stop and the new one begins, any credits you're owed from your old deal will be adjusted accordingly.

Kind regards Jodi. 



Looks like I will have to wait and phone up as it seems pointless to start paying more now if I’m going to have to in 2 months anyway 

Hi chrisbickley,

Just bear in mind that you're charged a month in advance for the services, so if your current contract ends in December there you may start to see changes in price from Novembers bill.


Tuning in

Hi Chris, 

Please don't renew until just before the due date. I'm talking from experience, it will cause you no end of problems with much higher bills than expected and the late payment charges and nobody bothered to sort it out for you. I fact probs better to let contract lapse, it would be much simpler.


Okay. I will phone up a month before it expires then. I am tempted to accept it as I hate having to phone up and negotiate and it’s not a bad offer.