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New build connection

I moved into my new build house just over a month ago. As a previous Virgin customer I was keen to keep Virgin for the new build. After weeks of trying to move my service to the new build I was eventually told I’d have to cancel my contract as you couldn’t supply the new build with and services (you could as Id seen the wiring on house tours and we were told by the developers that both Virgin and BT were pre installed) Turns out it was a massive wiring issue on your behalf, cables hadn’t been installed correctly. This lead to the entire close having to wait over 4 weeks to be installed after much faffing around by engineers and installation teams, not to mention everyone was being to different reasons as to why we could be installed.

I finally had my services installed but I’m now being treated as a new customer even though I’ve had Virgin for 7 years previously to moving to the new house. I also spoke to my neighbours and they’ve been told they get 3 months free yet I’m paying £39.99 a month for the first 3 months which then increases to £59.99 a month. Why are other people being given better deals when we’ve all been in the same situation?

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Re: New build connection

Hi there @Kat_E


Thanks so much for popping along to our Community Forum - I was very sorry to hear about the issues with moving to a New Build property and with the subsequent installation delays. 


Whilst we're not able to chat about any other customers' accounts and offers, we can most certainly take a look into your account and ensure that the package is correct, no Early Disconnection Fee's are applied and ensure that the correct compensation is added for the delay. 


I have located your accounts from your forum information so I have popped you a Private Message in order to go through security and get this checked for you. 

Look out for a purple envelope and pop me a reply when you can. 



Katie - Forum Team

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