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New Virgin Media Customer


I signed up to VM over the phone on 27th Nov and I had a install date of 1st Dec. Engineer arrived within the time slot, but was unable to connect services / complete installation due to not being able to locate any VM cable. Which is odd, as there are many neighbouring properties (on the 9th floor) that have VM installed – as I can pick up their WiFi networks. I live in a block of high rise flat, 90 flats in total – across 10 floors. I live on the 10th floor.

I then telephoned on Saturday 2nd Dec and asked if there was any update – I was given information about my address being possibly non-serviceable. I was also asked to call back in on Monday 4th Dec. When I did call in for an update I was advised that my information needed to be passed onto a manager, and that should expect a call back. The following day on Tuesday 5th Dec as I have received no call back, I decided to phone VM again. I explained the current situation and I was told that a pre-installation appointment was booked for 6th Dec (morning appointment) and that it was not required for me to be home. Today 6th Dec I received a voicemail and text from the Engineer saying that he called, and no-one answered. I rang him back, and I explained to him that I was told that I didn’t need to be present for the appointment. He spoke to me about what’s going to happen etc. He was Explaining that there is possibly VM caballing within the trunking, etc – which I already had my ideas about. (Prior to this on the evening of 5th Dec I had a look inside a metal box outside my front door, where a few redundant cables are situated. I'm confused why this was not picked up by the first Engineer installation on 1st Dec)

Off the back of that call I then called the pre-installation team again, to book an appointment for a new installation date. Which has now been booked for 20th Dec – as I required an morning appointment. The reason for this is because I live in a block of flats, the caretaker for the site only works morning hours. As the VM engineer may require access to certain cabinets, etc. I'm also not best pleased about having to wait 14 days for a 2nd installation attempt.

Are there absolutely no other installation appointments available?

I hope you can understand that this is not what I was hoping for, when signing upto VM. I have done a fair bit of chasing, and rebooking – which has become a little stressful for myself. The reason why I signed up to VM – as my current/previous supplier TalkTalk, provided extremely shocking service and that I was without any TalkTalk services (Internet/TV/Phone) throughout November. They provided me with an estimated repair date of Feb 2018. Resulting in myself having the terminate my contact with TalkTalk (despite being a customer with them for about 13 years!)

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Lee Williams
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: New Virgin Media Customer

HI Lee

Thanks for this post and your PM Smiley Happy

I know we were chatting on your other thread Failed-VM-Installation so thanks for coming back to me!

I have checked into the install date for yu as requested on your PM and my sincerest apologies but the next available dates we now have are after Christmas. You really do have the first one we can book in for you.

I appreciate that the delays may have been due to the original engineer not being able to locate the cabling and again I am sorry about this.

I'll pop back to you on your PM in a moment just to update with some further info.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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