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New Customer - Setup Fee


I am looking to join Virgin Media.  I have filled (but not yet placed) an order online: Big M100 Bundle with Additional V6 Box for £38.99 pm over 18 months.

The last page then asks me to pay make a one-off payment "installation at no additional cost subject to property eligibility (usually £30.00)" of £35.00.

My questions:

- Is it £30 or £35 - if the latter, why am I being charged £5 more than usual?

- In Feb/Mar this year - VM waived the setup fee for customers.  Can this be done now?  Do I need to call a number direct to get this arranged (as I won't be provided this option online seemingly).

- I read the T&C's but couldn't see any additional fees (e.g. activation fees) - am I missing a trick?

I have another offer on the table from another provider at same price - and the setup fee (and potentially other fees) are the only factor making VM more expensive.

Thanks a lot,


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