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New Contract or current contract?

Dear VM,

I contacted VM today thought whats app because my boardband package speed was upgraded.

I requested a package upgrade through  my virgin media account last Tuesday.

I changed my mind and wanted to stick with the old package.

I contacted VM on what's app the following day (Wednesday) and I was told that no upgrade request was received.

No action was needed at the time and the person also said a note will be put on my file to make sure I stay on my current plan in case if any changes are made after the communication.

I then received an email today saying that my order has gone through.

I was able to revert back to my original plan through what's app 1 hour ago. Which was £20 a month for M50 boardband.

The issue is the VM rep sent me a contract which states 18 month contract for £31 a month.

He said the letter can be ignored as my contract hasn't changed and I will still be changed £20 a month until December 2023 when the contract runs out.

I asked for this in writing but he couldn't provide one and assured me that my package has not changed.

I just received an email now stating that I signed up to an 18 month contract which is incorrect.

The only evidence I’ve got is the WhatsApp message vs Written document.

I will be taking a screenshot of this message so I have 2 evidence. (1st one is what's app)

In case I need to go through the complaints department.

Can the team confirm that I am still on £20 a month contract until 15/12/2023 and not a new 18 month contract for £31.

Kind regards




[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: New Contract or current contract?

Hi @Noor1 👋

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am so sorry for the poor experience. 

I would love to take a closer look into this so will pop you a PM now to confirm some details and we can take it from there. 

Speak soon! 😊

Forum Team

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