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New Contract not implemented

Tuning in


Earlier this year I changed over to an ongoing monthly contract for Broadband and phone. I was contacted in July and was given an offer of staying on the same package on an 18 month contract for a 30% discount. I accepted the new contract and received 2 emails with the said contract, confirming the above with the 30% discount.

I am still waiting for this new contract to be implimented by Virginmedia. I have phoned, but there is no option to speak  to someone about my account or contact. I then tried the online chat and was on for 9 hours !!! I was passed through several people but no-one could help. I kept getting offered another reduced package at a higher price than I was orignally offered in July. 

All I want is to be changed over to the new contract that I have been sent and for my bill to be reduced.

I am not happy about this.




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi DrTate 👋

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your My Virgin Media package change. When taking out a new package with us, you would receive a Pre-Contract documentation pack, with the details of your package.

For us to process this, we do need you to confirm and accept the changes directly via a unique link. Did you accept these changes through the link? What has been advised when contacting our teams, as you've mentioned?


Reece - Forum Team

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There was no link on either the email of the documents to anything about confirming the contract, only terms and confditions. Where is the link?

No-one I chatted to knew anything about the contracts and we're only trying to get me another deal.






I've just checked again and there is no mention of a link to confirm the order. But later the same day as the contracts were sent, we had another email with an order reference thanking us for choosing Virginmedia and confirmed the order number and estimated effective date, but again no link or mention thaty we had to confirm that we agreed to the contract.


No problem at all, I will send you a PM so we can look to see what has been changed.

Please keep an eye out for my message. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

I am having exactly the same problem as this. Present contract ending so negotiated a new deal via telephone. Later same day looked online and a cheaper deal to keep existing services was offered , which I accepted . Pre contract documentation received but no confirmation link, telephoned to ensure contract was pending and was assured it was and that it cancelled the earlier telephone contract. Nothing for two days and when I call to check the agent tell me that the online offer was always present and I should have taken that first before calling and accepting the telephone offer!! 

How do I get the services that I have been offered and receive confirmation that it's been done??