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New Contract and Complaints

On our wavelength

Like others it seems I having trouble giving VM more money! Odd behaviour for a business


Last week I finally decided to bring my mobile phone onto my Virgin Media account. 

I chose a package, filled in the online forms, and got a "Contract summary sheet" and "Contract information sheet" sent to me. There was no link to confirm, just an implication that the process will happen, I will get faster home broadband and then O2 will port my existing number across.

Then... nothing.

Some days later I raised the lack of progress as a complaint on the system, got an acknowledgement. A short time later I followed the link to "track progress on my complaint" and found it had simply disappeared.

So I raised another complaint, that the first complaint had disappeared. Guess what - that then disappeared too.

A few days later I get through on chat, and the operative tells me ""As I see there was a technical issue and the package made online didn't go through, hence I have made a new package with the same services you had opt for" - only £25 per month higher than the quote and contract I have.

I am told there is nothing that can be done so I am put on hold for the Customer Relations team. Where I have waited for hours. shows me having the package I want - as if I have it; but shows the old package I no longer want.

I seem to be stuck in limbo between the two packages, which is disappointing for a customer of your broadband services for over 20 years. 


Very disappointing.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Niska, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear this.

I have taken a look at our side and I can see since this post you've spoken to a member of the team did they manage to get this resolved for you or look into this at all? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

On our wavelength

I've not spoken to anyone since this post. The member of the team I spoke to on the chat then attempted to transfer my chat. My last (human) chat interaction from your side was 1037, and last automated "We're sorry you're still waiting to be connected to one of the team. Our wait times are very high at the moment we'll be with you ASAP." at 1051.

On our wavelength

Finally resolved. 6 hours after I started the chat I got a useful response. Now 90 minutes of very stilted conversation later I have a package.

Honestly VM02 - if your systems were better you'd make a much more profitable company!

Hi @Niska thanks for your reply and confirmation here.

Really sorry about this, but we're glad to hear this is now resolved for you! 

If you need any further assistance in the future, please let us know 😊

Many thanks