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New Build pre-wired for VM - Can install as "listed"


Could someone please help me?

I have recently moved to a new build home pre-wired for VM. I signed up to VM TV and Broadband services on 27th Dec with a preferred installation of Jan 6th between 1pm-6pm.

My VM experience has not been great so far- for what should have been a simple set up! Firstly, I waited in on the 6th Jan, only to receive an email in the afternoon (during the allocated timeslot) informing me my installation date would the 12th Jan, today. I am fully aware the timeslot I had selected was a "preferred" time, however, as I hadn't heard anything I trusted my selected time had been accepted.

Secondly, yesterday evening I received a message asking to contact customer services immediately, I did so and was informed my building was "listed" and therefore connection would not be possible unless I had permission. I explained there must have been an error on the system as my home is one month old and all houses in my estate are built pre wired with VM, in addition, my home is a mid terrace house, with my neighbours (on both sides) being connected with VM. Furthermore, I explained I was the homeowner so couldn't see why I would require permission. 

 After trying to explain the situation to a rather disinterested customer services advisor, I was asked to call in this morning, so the issue could be resolved in time for the planned installation. During my call earlier today I was informed my installation had been postponed and the query was with the new build team - my installation being postponed was news to me!  Again, I had taken time off which was in the end not required. 

I asked for an anticipated timeframe for my issue to be resolved,  the advisor was reluctant to provide a timeframe to resolve the issue and simply responded it could be weeks. I often work from home so cannot be without internet.

On two occasions I have taken time off to wait in for installation , I had understood getting set up with VM would be simplistic as the house is pre-wired and most houses on my street are already with VM. The customer services advisors I spoke to both seemed  neither interested or indeed helpful, instead the attitude was "computer says no". I found the experience pretty disappointing.


Could someone please escalate this or help? Here is a picture to show lines are pre fitted.









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Re: New Build pre-wired for VM - Can install as "listed"

Have you spoken to the Developer of the house build they must have had some sort of contract with VM?

Maybe they could put pressure on VM.

VM 50 Mps Broadband and anytime phone.
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Re: New Build pre-wired for VM - Can install as "listed"

Hi EmmaC89, 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us although we're sorry to hear that things haven't gone as well as planned. 


You can now speak to the New Builds team by calling 0800 073 7100. The team there will be able to get things sorted for you Smiley Happy 


Let us know how it goes. 



Forum Team

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