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New Build installation

I have been a Virgin Media customer for many many years, in fact since in my area it was Telewest provide the services so roughly 20 years or so and over that time I have for the most  part enjoyed stable, reliable and competitively priced services for TV, Broadband and PSTN and for that reason I have stayed a loyal customer even when moving houses, so I am more than saddened to now having to write to yourself for you help and assistance on current situation.

This year my partner and I purchased a new build property from Persimmon Homes on the Warmsley Park development in Leigh, Wigan and was asked very early in the development about having Virgin Media services installed into the property as Persimmon and Virgin Media had partnered to bring services to new house. I was ecstatic to find I could continue using Virgin Media given my track record and fairly problem free years of service, so the forms to have the services installed where completed and passed from Persimmon to Virgin Media and my concerns and worries  about not being able to get Virgin Media where set aside.

However my concerns and worries seemingly where short lived as after being promised that the services would all be neatly installed into my new build home and ready for activation for my competition/moving in date I find myself stuck in my new home with no TV or Broadband. I was advised that Virgin Media wouldn't be installing PSTN connection for land lines so I was expecting to have to find an alternative provider for that but now I find myself without any services at all (apart from what TV we can pick up with an indoor aerial).

I have spoken with the ladies in the Persimmon sales office time and time again and email after email has been sent to virgin by them chasing for dates and promise after promise of engineers attending to connect my home (and a number of others) is made but sadly the engineers never appear. I have now been in the property almost 3 weeks and finding it increasingly difficult and frustrating in my current situation. Not only can I not enjoy and/or record the show my family and I love but I cannot carry out my work essentials! as I work in IT and need to provide out of office and remote support which extremely hard to do without a fast and stable internet connection and as hard as I try using my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot so my laptop can connect it for internet access just isn't cutting it and (as I am sure you can agree) I do not want to invest in a Mobile Wi-Fi router as it is both a) not a long term investment and b) we have had 4 different dates of when we are told our services will be connected. The distribution cabinet is in place and already server other properties on the other side of the street, the duct is in place and a pre wire has been carried out so why oh why cannot I not get an engineer to simply attend and connect me up!!!!

Kind Regards

Kind Regards,

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Re: New Build installation

Hi alawton3003

Thanks for getting in touch Smiley Happy

Lets see what we can do to kick start the connection process Smiley Very Happy

If you are able to pop a PM to me with:

  • Your name
  • Your full new build address
  • Your preferred contact number

I can check into this with our teams for you.

To PM* me, simply:

  • Click on my forum PM link Karen_A

Many thanks


* For other forum users reading this, please only PM me if I have asked you to first.

Forum Team

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