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New Account, but No Welcome Pack or Account Details

Hi All

I have seen several posts from people on here who have signed up for Virgin Media broadband but haven't received a welcome pack with their account details, contract, user guides etc. It seems like this is a widespread issue, and one I have had myself!

I was due to have Virgin Media installed ready for us moving in to our new build house, but when the engineer turned up on our move-in day, there was a duct blockage and the cables hadn't been pulled. Why this wasn't flagged up by the visit the week previously I don't know, but I've since had two visits to pull the cables, the second of which was unnecessary as it had been done on the first, and I've had to wait almost 3 weeks to get any broadband.

If I had been able to access my online account all this confusion and delay could have been avoided, but I didn't receive a welcome pack, so I haven't been able to sign up. Before anyone tells me to ring the customer services number, I have tried this twice, with them telling me that they would send a letter with my account number and area code on it, but no letter has arrived.

Is there anyone on here that can arrange for an email to be sent to me or an actual letter to be sent so I can actually know what's going on with my account?

If there's any alternative way of getting my account number I'd love to hear it!


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Re: New Account, but No Welcome Pack or Account Details

Hello Jaywaj, 

Welcome to our community forum page, it's great to have you on board. 

I'm sorry to hear that your installation date has been pushed back and that you haven't received your welcome pack. 

I have sent you a private message so I can assist further with this.




Dean C

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