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I have Netflix within my bundle and it stopped working 4 days saying I need to add my bank details. After speaking to Virgin several times I have just been told it a problem for loads of customers that's been reported and been escalated to there technical team. So now have to wait. Has anyone else got this problem


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Hi LyndonJ,

Thank you for confirming this, I have had a look and this is still active, it can take up to 10 days, if not resolved we can escalate it at that point.



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Up to speed

Same issue here.  

All was working fine till a few days ago.  

I called customer services and they told me the same thing - that it is affecting a large number of customers.  They said they will apply some codes to resolve it and also escalate to IT. 
Unfortunately nothing was resolved and I received an email to say changes have been made to my contract - which said Netflix had been removed!

I contacted customer services again - this time through Whatsapp. The agent said they would reinstate Netflix and an email would be sent out within 24 hours to confirm this.  Unfortunately I have received nothing. 

So now I'm stuck without any access to Netflix and customer services are unable to resolve or provide a plausible explanation.  

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Im guessing theres a major issue with it.

I got charged on my virgin media bill and by netflix this month

Yep. Exactly the same situation here. Got charged by both.  

Phuntoosh. Same thing happened to me regarding code change and removal of Netflix but I phoned about this and they said Netflix is still active but the problem is much bigger than the code change and 5 days later still no Netflix


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Im on with VM at the moment,

It seems obvious to me whats happened, the billing links between Netflix and VM have failed, those that didnt have a previous netflix account have had their service cut off, those like me that tried to keep the existing account and just transfer the billing have been charged by VM and then when the billing system failed Netflix reverted to the previous billing system and took the direct debit.

VM needs to reverse their charges and resetup the billing link to the netflix accounts and fix whatever it was that broke it previously

Trying to explain that to customer service though is hard work

As someone who has experienced this, the "inclusive" Netflix will only work if you get the 2nd email the sign up process is then vey clear that its the "inclusive" one. Also both the introduction (this is the one with a link  to a form you complete to get second email) both email went to my original blueyonder email which I hardly use, so it must have to go to your primary account. 

Out of interest what does the billing tab in your Netflix account say now ?

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The guy ive been speaking to is claiming its because ive linked my virgin media billing with my wifes netflix account thats not in the same email address, which is fine.

The problem is I cant login to that account to cancel the premuim subscription VM have managed to setup against it, becasuse the account doesnt exist with netflix.

I think im going to have to speak to someone rather than via whatsapp because at the moment everything with the billing is broken