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Netflix missing after new deal

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Getting Netflix is proving to be a disaster for me, I contacted support to get a price on an additional box and was offered a new deal (signing up for a further 18 month) - this was the Maxit TV deal and 1G broadband. The included Netflix was the deal maker as the new price was about £10 a month than I was paying, I could cancel my exist Netflix and pay the same monthly.

Yes, I get faster broadband (which I didnt really need) and got the extra box, I probably save about £5 if I stayed on my existing contract and got the extra box.

I was under the impression that Netflix would be automatically linked to my account, login using my Virgin account, was my thought process - but no you need to contact Virgin to activate.

Got fitted on the 4th October (the installer chap was excellent) and contacted on the 5th to get the included wifi extender PODS (also came with the new deal - good package to be fair) and asked about Netflix.

The Customer Service Agent (CSA) said that I would get an email with a link within 24 hours, two days later I contacted another CSA who said I would get the email within an hour.

On the 10th, another Whatsapp conversation with a CSA - who really could not get the concept on not getting the full package that I have paid for and said I would be contacted within 5-7 days. I am not hopeful!!

She kept saying "dont worry we are not charging you for Netflix" but yes you are - the bill from the moment it was switched on included Netflix as part of the package.

It is like staying in a hotel, finding the toilet does not work, reporting it and being told not to worry as you are not being charged for the use of loo.

Fingers crossed it gets sorted before the next billing cycle for my personnal Netflix account or I really won't be a happy bunny.

To be honest - by the time the next deadline is up, I am still within the 30 days long distant selling rules - it might be take it out and put me back to what I had.

Shame really, been with Virgin for a number of years and had no problems - the installers and repair people have been A1




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Good luck! Request a credit for £10.99 for each month that you don’t have Netflix.

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Not surprising. It is now the 8th week I am chasing up an activation email despite being promised it in at least 4 occasions. Yesterday I got an escalation number but today my complaint was closed as resolved although nothing has happened. Onto the customer service as i type. The CSA yesterday promised they would personally follow through until it was resolved, not really worth the words.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jimmyh19D,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had with your Netflix service. 

To confirm, have you tried to sign into Netflix via those details on your Tv box? 


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Same here.  Over 4 months trying to get this activated.  I highlighted some of the issues I had in a previous post but it was deleted by the mods.

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Only chance you have is social media twitter Instagram as soon as they were involved I got a call and even they screwed it up first time but then I got a credit for every month its not sorted

I've lost count of how long I've been for the elusive activation email still not received it 🤯 (months have passed) 

Good luck

Hey @MutleyTavern, thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the issues with your complaint and it being closed down, this should not be done without your permission.
I will assist you and get this raised for you again.
I will send a private message - watch out for the purple envelope inviting you in.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Thanks Ilyas 

Good morning

I have tried logging in using my virgin logins, I have various ones for different parts of virgin (all saved in a password vault).

I have identity.vir.. (a few) oauth.virg... login.vir... (a few) - none work.

The only way I can get onto Netfix is by using my existing 7 year account - direct with Netflix.




It really should not be difficult - everything else is automate.

I understand that the account is held at Netflix so you have to go through Virgin sub account to get access, but the do make a rod for their own backs.

I have always had great service to be honest from Virgin - the installers are excellent - when I had a box fault  it was dealt with far better than when i did with Sky, but this has really tarnished my opinion.

I think half the problem is that the CSA dont really know or understand the packages are more keen on promising the earth to get good feedback (i assume they will get bonus based wages)