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Netflix activation

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I am having a nightmare with getting my Netflix activated. I'm an ultimate volt customer and when the offer was lauched I chatted on Whatsapp with VM to add Netflix to my account. This involved taking out a new contract which has been emailed to me.

I was told I would receive a email with a link to activate Netflix within 24. This didn't arrive. I chatted again via WhatsApp and was this time told I would receive an email within 48 hours. Again this didn't arrive.


In the meantime I had a Netflix tab appear on my virgin media account on the website, with an activation button to click. When I click on this I get an error message saying try again later or try via set top box.

I have had three phone calls to VM help. One said this is a problem that is affecting some customers but offered no solution.

One told me to set up netflix and take a subscription to pay via Virgin Media bill. He said that no money would be taken as I have it included in my package. I did this, and then received an email from Netflix cancelling my membership as the "account could not be billed through virgin media."

I have had another phone call with VM help. They had me clear my cache and cookies. Disconnect my modem from my TV. Try from my phone, a laptop and via the V360 box.

I still cannot get access to Netflix. Has anybody else had this problem and is there a solution. I'm sick of spending hours on the phone, repeating myself, and still getting nowhere. 

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I'm having the same issue. The URL behind the Activate button points you back to your My Virgin homepage, so doesn't actually redirect you to Netflix.

I re-contracted with VM on 9th June and raised my issue on 15th. I've tried cancelling my TV package and keeping broadband and phone, but VM want to charge m £96 to cancel the TV and them my bill only reduces by £2. I've spent over an hour on the phone wit Netflix and they can't activate my account, I've spent 30 mins with VM and they say they'll raise a ticket and update me in 7 days..Absolutely shocking.


I am being hog tied into staying with VM.

I was lucky. I only got messed around for about 6 weeks. But it is only when you get the email with the link to sign up that it works.

These forums and phone calls are spouting the same rubbish time after time. They know that it doesn't work until the email is sent.

It can't be that difficult a fix. And sending people to complain to Netflix when it is clearly a virgin problem is embarrassing 

Sort it out virgin.

I activated successfully after the software upgrade to my box and Netflix confirmed billing via Virgin. A day later, Netflix emailed me to say my debit card was once again method of payment!

Phoned Netflix who stated Virgin had de-activated it.

I received an activation link by email after HOURS on the phone with Virgin over a few weeks, tried it the following day but received a message along the lines of it is no longer valid; since then several more hours on the phone / online chats and two unanswered formal complaints, and here we are still waiting!

Hey necs, if you go onto your online account you see should see a Netflix tab.

Can you not see this anywhere at all? 

I can also see you've manage to get this activated, is everything now okay for you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

What tab??????



No it's not alright; I am being billed by Netflix on my visa card; Virgin have never paid Netflix directly, that's £32.97 (3 months so far)!

Maybe the amount isn't substantial yet but over an 18 month contract it will be!

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These forum team do not give up! 
I honestly think that Mathew is here just to annoy us as he obviously has ignored all the messages and just sent you the usually stupid message … hey necs, are you sorted now!!!!!!!!!

well Mathew neither necs or all of us are ok

so unless you can sort things out, stop sending these copy and paste stupid messages 

It's laughable!


All I do is whinge!

Why do they bother with this banality?


Hey necs thank you for showing me this. It should on that page.

I can see you said in a previous post you now have it working after a software update, please can you confirm this? Thanks

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hey Matt (as you address other customers, which you shouldn’t and should have some respect)

why don’t you have the decency to read the replies on this forum and actually do something useful to help the community ?

Honestly  should be ashamed of your incompetence together with all other forum team members. Disgraceful