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I am having a nightmare with getting my Netflix activated. I'm an ultimate volt customer and when the offer was lauched I chatted on Whatsapp with VM to add Netflix to my account. This involved taking out a new contract which has been emailed to me.

I was told I would receive a email with a link to activate Netflix within 24. This didn't arrive. I chatted again via WhatsApp and was this time told I would receive an email within 48 hours. Again this didn't arrive.


In the meantime I had a Netflix tab appear on my virgin media account on the website, with an activation button to click. When I click on this I get an error message saying try again later or try via set top box.

I have had three phone calls to VM help. One said this is a problem that is affecting some customers but offered no solution.

One told me to set up netflix and take a subscription to pay via Virgin Media bill. He said that no money would be taken as I have it included in my package. I did this, and then received an email from Netflix cancelling my membership as the "account could not be billed through virgin media."

I have had another phone call with VM help. They had me clear my cache and cookies. Disconnect my modem from my TV. Try from my phone, a laptop and via the V360 box.

I still cannot get access to Netflix. Has anybody else had this problem and is there a solution. I'm sick of spending hours on the phone, repeating myself, and still getting nowhere. 

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I have an open complaint C-160522542  and raised a second complaint to provide a more detailed timeline (C-240522260) which was closed almost immediately without feedback.

I previously wrote to the complaints department in Sunderland and never received a response.


Look at the T&Cs

6. If we and/or Virgin Media Payments:

1 ....

2 ....

3. make any changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement which are likely to materially disadvantage you; or

4. make any changes to the services which are likely to materially disadvantage you; or

5. if there is a permanent loss of the services,

I would say effectively paying twice for Netflix is materially disadvantaging me!

We apologies for the delay in resolving the Netflix activation issue. I can assure you our teams are working to have this resolved as soon as possible. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

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My Netflix appears to be working now for how long who knows.

This is the process I followed.

1. Logged into Netflix online using my laptop and cancelled my membership.

2. Logged into the Netflix app via my Virgin 360 box and reactivated my membership selecting the Standard Plan as it defaulted to Premium.

3. It acknowledged that my membership was reactivated and through Virgin.




Lets see how long it lasts!

Thanks but this would not work for people who don’t have a Netflix account already prior to taking out virgin


Did you lose your family profiles?

@Superwoman2 I opened this Netflix account on 07/05 when I started my Virgin Media contract so it worked for me

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No I didn't lose any profiles because although I cancelled my membership if does not delete the actual account straight away so when I enabled it again through the VM box all of my profiles were still there


The link you have taken is for those that pay Virgin seperately for Netflix , I think from earlier posts it should be included in your bundle ?

I have taken that link in the past (twice) and after a few days got an email from Netflix cancelling the account as VM would not pay.

The current advice from the forum staff is not to take that link as you may be charged and it could affect the fix.

But - when will we get a fix , and advice has changed many times over the last 10 weeks since the problem started!


Thanks for that update.

I orginally received and took the link on the 07/05 when I started my VM contract.

All I done today was to cancel my Netflix membership online and then restart it again through the Netflix app on the VM box.

As you say though I may get another cancellation email through in 10 days time again although the person I spoke to on the phone today advised me to add a payment card as Netflix may need this as a validation and everything was ok their side (unbelievable!).

I have not done that though so worst case I may use this cancelling and re-enabling through the VM box workaround every 10 days until they manage to come up with a fix for this ridiculous issue.