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Netflix activation

Dialled in

I am having a nightmare with getting my Netflix activated. I'm an ultimate volt customer and when the offer was lauched I chatted on Whatsapp with VM to add Netflix to my account. This involved taking out a new contract which has been emailed to me.

I was told I would receive a email with a link to activate Netflix within 24. This didn't arrive. I chatted again via WhatsApp and was this time told I would receive an email within 48 hours. Again this didn't arrive.


In the meantime I had a Netflix tab appear on my virgin media account on the website, with an activation button to click. When I click on this I get an error message saying try again later or try via set top box.

I have had three phone calls to VM help. One said this is a problem that is affecting some customers but offered no solution.

One told me to set up netflix and take a subscription to pay via Virgin Media bill. He said that no money would be taken as I have it included in my package. I did this, and then received an email from Netflix cancelling my membership as the "account could not be billed through virgin media."

I have had another phone call with VM help. They had me clear my cache and cookies. Disconnect my modem from my TV. Try from my phone, a laptop and via the V360 box.

I still cannot get access to Netflix. Has anybody else had this problem and is there a solution. I'm sick of spending hours on the phone, repeating myself, and still getting nowhere. 

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Knows their stuff

Firstly I would claim no particular expertise or qualification on these issues especialy compared with the knowledge of other posters who regularly give assistance to customers.

I have looked at the ASA website as I am sure have you and my reaction is why not give it a go - nothing to lose by contacting them by phone or email and they would advise if it is within their remit.

I am sure that VM would claim that not all customers are affected by the issue and they are 'working hard' to rectify the matter which I suggest is irrelevant .

They have refused to disclose to customers what the actual fault consists of while in other threads it is disclosed that Netflix openly states that customers Netflix accounts have been cancelled because their bill has not been paid by VM.

VM responses on this forum (theres yet another customer even today making a post about the matter) consist of a very polite fob off which can be interpreted quite easily as just go away you've got or will get a fault number which does not actually mean anything.

What I would suggest is setting the time aside to have a good read over the threads to get a clear knowledge and 'feel' for what is going on before contacting the ASA (Citizens Advice Bureau should also be borne in mind)

Hard copies of the threads and dated copy of the advertisement will start off your 'evidence folder'.

If nothing else you may find that Netflix  suddenly becomes available to you under the terms of the package together with a goodwill gesture (which will be inadequate)

Good luck with it


Tuning in

I'm new to the forum, but I am in the same boat as everyone else.
My 1G Volt package was only activated on the 17th Nov, I had assumed that I would be able to activate Netflix on the day of installation.
Oh boy was I wrong.
On the 21st I rang customer service and was promised an email in 48hrs with the activation instructions.
I'm still waiting for the email.
So from everything I've found out in the last two days, I'm in for a long wait.

@Natalie_L wrote:


As the service is not charged, we would be unable to offer a credit for this


Absolute nonsense, should be ashamed of even suggesting such a thing. Netflix is part of the contract your company sold and monetary value is linked to it.

Hi there @sjane366


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums.


I'm so sorry you have not yet had your Netflix email, have you been able to check your spam/junk folder just in case?


Is there a big purple activate button showing on your My Virgin Media profile at all?


Thank you 

Hi @Ashleigh_C,

I check my email several times a day, including the spam/junk/trash folder., and as of 12:45pm, I have received no emails from Virgin Media regarding Netflix activation.

Yes, there a big purple activate button showing on your My Virgin Media profile, but, when I click it I get the "Sorry, something’s gone wrong! We’re having some technical issues. Please try again later" message.

Before you ask, I have tried the same thing on four different browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera).

Hoping you can help,


They won't be able to help, your story is as the rest of us. You do get a reply on the forum at least. 

For a communications company they aren't even woeful. They just dont reply full stop. I was told the issue is raise and the IT department are working through the list.  

A message to all concerned confirming the issue is ongoing and they don't have a clue is better than no response at all. 

"Hoping you can help,"

After eight months plus of this what you have quoted is still the entire list of responses to this that the forum team can offer.

All you can do is wait for the email..

The forum team do not have access to any fixes , that is totally down to an inept IT Team thnat are clearly not being given the resources to get on top of this.

Shame on you VM !

Thank you for popping back to me @sjane366 and I am so sorry that there has not been an email and the button doesn't work. 


I'm going to pop you a PM so we can raise an IT ticket for you, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message. 


Thanks again. 


Tuning in

I only upgraded on the basis that Netflix is included, saving me paying for it separately. Been a month now and several lengthy phone calls. This thread fills me with absolute dread. I can't believe this has been going on for 9 months and is still happening to people! This is absolutely shameful. I'll be raising a complaint with Ofcom and bringing this thread and others like it to their attention. 

This nonsense about refusing to credit accounts the £10.99 a month for Netflix because it "isn't a chargeable service" is abhorrent and illegal. You advertised a product, you're failing to deliver said product. It's that simple and I'm sure Ofcom would agree. 

Your customer service is pathetic. Having to explain the issue time and time again, being cut off, transferred, lied to, fobbed off. You're lucky you're the only game in town or I'd be gone. At best you're incompetent, at worst you're con artists.