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Netflix activation

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I am having a nightmare with getting my Netflix activated. I'm an ultimate volt customer and when the offer was lauched I chatted on Whatsapp with VM to add Netflix to my account. This involved taking out a new contract which has been emailed to me.

I was told I would receive a email with a link to activate Netflix within 24. This didn't arrive. I chatted again via WhatsApp and was this time told I would receive an email within 48 hours. Again this didn't arrive.


In the meantime I had a Netflix tab appear on my virgin media account on the website, with an activation button to click. When I click on this I get an error message saying try again later or try via set top box.

I have had three phone calls to VM help. One said this is a problem that is affecting some customers but offered no solution.

One told me to set up netflix and take a subscription to pay via Virgin Media bill. He said that no money would be taken as I have it included in my package. I did this, and then received an email from Netflix cancelling my membership as the "account could not be billed through virgin media."

I have had another phone call with VM help. They had me clear my cache and cookies. Disconnect my modem from my TV. Try from my phone, a laptop and via the V360 box.

I still cannot get access to Netflix. Has anybody else had this problem and is there a solution. I'm sick of spending hours on the phone, repeating myself, and still getting nowhere. 

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Of course not. However it's gone beyond being funny anymore. I would like the address of the top brass at this organisation so I can personally shove a rocket up their rrs. 

Does anyone have a contact address for someone who gives a jot about the customers ?

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@Kath_F wrote:

Hi Rsym, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you are also having this issue. 

I can see you were already in touch with the team today over the phone and they have raised this up further for you. 

Please rest assured this is all in hand and we hope to have things resolved for you shortly. 

The whole purpose of the post is that it is NOT in hand and I think it is unlikely that Rahm will 'rest assured'



@TouchingCloth wrote:

Of course not. However it's gone beyond being funny anymore. I would like the address of the top brass at this organisation so I can personally shove a rocket up their rrs. 

Does anyone have a contact address for someone who gives a jot about the customers ?

The details; ie name and probably email address for VM's CEO are fairly easily found with a simple Google search - not that it will do you any good.

This Netflix issue has been going on for so long now, that it is absolutely inconceivable that VM's senior management aren't fully aware of it - although if they aren't aware of it, then it indicates that they really aren't competent to run a whelk stall, let alone a multi-billion pound company.

On that basis, we have to conclude that said management have made a conscious business decision to not do much about this - they'll be a spreadsheet somewhere in VM Towers, working out estimates of how many people will actually leave over this; how many will moan a lot but not actually leave (probably the majority to be honest); how much will they lose in customers leaving compared to how much out would cost to actually fix the issue? 

Probably, they have run the numbers and are acting accordingly.

I suspect  (or at least I would like to think so) that all of the members of the forum team here, really do 'give a jot about the customers', the issue is that they are just as constained by a broken backend system as everyone else. Ultimately though they are VM employees and as such can't really post messages along the line of 'yes it's all completely broken, management don't care as long as you keep paying each month, there is one work-experience student assigned to deal with this, because all of the others have been laid-off to save money, and he has to double-up as a car park attendant!'

Bit of a career limiting move to do that, no?

Just a thought, but how ironic would it be if in reality there really is a single work experience student tasked with fixing this, they can only do it on an account by account basis, and it takes 30 minutes to do each one!

I have posted previously that I feel for the poor souls task to respond to the complaints.  I have no doubt they want to be eagles but are restricted to being penguins. 

Original case raised on 30/06/22 and another 4 weeks has passed by with no communication/update and no fix for this. 

Seems there is no issue with sending the bills via email but Netflix activation...

Wonder if this will get fixed before  my contract expires and if anyone in management really cares


Hi there @paul_55, sorry to see that you have not had any further messages regarding this.

Unfortunately we have not got any further updates to provide for this at this current time. Our support team are still working on getting this issue resolved. As soon as we have any further updates we will notify all affected customers.



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Another one suffering the Netflix issue here. Reading through this thread I am seeing everyone has had the same experience as me. Renewed my contract in May, Netflix apparently included (as per written contract), no activation email received (even still now), no option to activate it in my account. I’ve made countless phone calls, whatsapps and web chats with customer services, probably about 4 IT tickets raised and escalated. Not once have I ever had a response or anyone contact me with an update or to follow up, it is always me doing the running around and there is still no update or progression now 6 months later. I’ve been paying for Netflix privately the whole time when it is included in my virgin contract I just can’t access it. Every time I have contacted customer services it has been like starting the whole communication again and always told the same things, it will be resolved in 24 hours etc. etc. and yet here we are. It’s difficult not to get frustrated. I’ve also raised 3 complaints through the online form in my account and not one of them has ever even been acknowledged. This is by far the worst customer service over a prolonged period of time I have ever experienced in my recollection. 

if someone in the forum team can private message me please to take some details and check on my account, that would be appreciated. i don’t even know if the various IT tickets are still live as no one in customer services ever comes back to me or knows what I’m talking about. 

Hi @elpho3nix


Thanks for posting on our community forum and a big warm welcome with this being your first post. So sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with Netflix.


The issue is still ongoing with Netflix and has not yet been resolved for all customers. I'll drop you a private message now to check on a few details.





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Reading this thread has really filled me with dread.

Same situation. Been with VM for years. Upgraded recently and was promised Netflix code within 24 hrs. Didn't arrive. WhatsApp messages carried out over several hours then effectively told me to wait two weeks. When still nothing arrived, I WhatsApp messaged them again only to be told "we are not the right team that can help you with that"! Was then told to call the 0345 number for customer service...did that and was given an IT ticket reference....sounds very familiar...

Judging by the posts here, I won't hold my breath for a swift resolution. 

This thread was started over 7 months ago and nothing has changed !

Shame on you Virgin ...