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Netflix account paused ~ needs payment updating ?

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Recently renewed my contract with Virgin. Netflix account now paused supposedly requiring updated payment details. No. It was and is included in my package. Rang Virgin 11 October. Given a reference number and told it would be rectified in 5 days. Today is day 5. Still no resolution. Spent TWO hours on the phone to Virgin re messed up billing and to try to resolve Netflix issue. Told a manager will call me back in 2 hours as person on phone from faults could not sort out Netflix issue. This seems to be a common issue with Virgin for a lot of people at present. It’s not good enough. Why can’t they just tweak the details at their end so that the Netflix account works?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Casat27,

Thank you for posting, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear there's been an issue with your Netflix account after renewing your contract. Looking at this end, everything is appearing as it should so usually when a fault such as this does occur, it's not always a simple fix, despite maybe seeming as if it would be.

From what you've said, it sounds like an IT Ticket has been raised for you which I can track for you. 

I've sent you a private message so I can take some account details and look into this for you.