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Netflix Premium

On our wavelength

I am hoping that one of you wonderful Forum Team can help me out.

My contract for the last 18months included Netflix and I paid the extra £5 a month to make it a premium subscription. On Monday I phoned to negotiate my next contract. I was told it included Netflix again and I questioned the agent several times asking if I then needed to add the extra £5 to the payment. She answered each time, saying, no, that was included in the price. I was a bit sceptical of that. About an hour after my call I received an email from Netflix telling me that Virgin had cancelled my payment method and they were reverting to my bank account for payment. I called Virgin again to be told that it would all go back to normal when my new contract went live on Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon I then noticed that Netflix had taken a payment from my bank account of £15.99.

I called again to be told again that my payment method would go back to normal, and that I should contact Netflix for a refund. My new contract arrived by email and as I thought only showed Netflix Standard. Back on the phone today to try and upgrade to Premium subscription. Agent tried to tell me she would have to go through my contract again and i would lose any discounts I had? She also told me that Virgin only supply Netflix Standard. I told her several times that I have paid an extra £5 a month for the last 18 months for the Premium subscription. After over an hour and several holds I was told that Netflix Premium cannot be added.

Surely this is not correct and any help is appreciated as I am knackered after that call.


On our wavelength


I have now managed to contact an agent on the chat line, who tells me they have submitted a Netflix payment issue form to the concerns team. Hoping that will resolve the issue.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @s9750, and welcome back!

Sorry to hear of the issue with the Netflix account, but pleased to hear you have seemingly got this one resolved.

Do feel free to keep us updated with the outcome of the work from our agent today, and if there's anything further required from ourselves on the Forum, we'll be happy to help.



On our wavelength

Received an email from Virgin today to set my payment method through them again. Contacted Netflix and they are refunding the extra payment. So, all sorted.
Still do not understand why the need to cancel the payment when I was continuing with a new contract, just an unnecessary Faff,

Hi s9750


Thank you for the update.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused.

Were happy to hear it is now resolved for you. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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