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Netflix Activation

Joining in


After reading some threats on here, it looks like there are many people with the same issue but I have not seen any actual resolution that could fix the problem anywhere? Most people were just asked to pm someone to have it looked at. 

We upgraded to Volt and were told this would also include Netflix. When asked how to activate it, the agent advised we needed to do it in the Account. So new equipment arrived on Wednesday, all activated but I just don't know how to activate Netflix? 

When I go to Entertainment Services - Netflix - Activate Netflix, it just gives me an error message saying "sorry, something's gone wrong. We're having technical issues. Please try again later."

I have been trying again multiple times per day and no success. Tried different browsers/cleared cookies/different laptops/phones, etc. No luck. 

Tried the Netflix app on the TV but that says we'll be billed in addition to our pack so clearly not an option? 

So how are we actually supposed to activate Netflix? Can anyone help? I have read about some activation emails on here, but we have not received anything (and I have of course checked spam). 

We are being charged quite a bit for the whole pack and we have not been able to use Netflix at all so far, will VM offer us a refund? And how can this be resolved? Have not had any luck trying to speak to someone on the phone either. 

Thank you.