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Want to know why my bill has dropped by £25 and 02 are saying we owe them £25 


Alessandro Volta

Are you a Virgin Mobile customer, as part of a VM bundle, who has been moved to O2?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Helenq26 

As per the second link that @goslow posted (/what-changes-will-I-see)

Scroll down to the section, 'I’m an Oomph customer. What happens to my other products and my bill?'

Your Virgin Mobile airtime will be switched to O2. Your Virgin Media products such as broadband, TV and home phone will remain unchanged. Instead of receiving one bill from Virgin Media, you’ll now receive two separate bills::

      An airtime bill from O2
      A broadband, TV and home phone bill from Virgin Media

Don’t worry, your overall price will remain the same. For example, if you paid £132 for your overall single Oomph bill from Virgin Media, you’d now pay £25 for your airtime bill from O2 and £107 for your broadband, TV and home phone services from Virgin Media.

In addition, following your move to O2, you’ll be eligible for VOLT benefits.

However, if we bill you before switching you to O2, it will still include the airtime charge for Virgin Mobile. Don’t worry, this will be a one-off and we’ll credit back any charges on your next Virgin Media bill.

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