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Need to get into contact with a human being

Joining in

During March 2023, I spoke with Virgin Media to decrease my monthly bill. We agreed on a price.
I have noticed, since then, I have actually been paying more than what was agreed and is on the contract. 

Also, the amount I am paying is also going up further tomorrow, due to some discounts on my account expiring.

I have spent a large amount of hours over this past week trying to get into contact with VM over phone, webchat and WhatsApp to no avail - just endless queues.

I managed to catch someone on WhatsApp yesterday briefly, however, they transferred me to another team and then I was informed that as it is 9pm, there we no agents around.

All I want to understand is why I was paying more than what is specified on the contract over the past few months, and also discuss if anything can be done regarding the price rise from tomorrow, and if not, I will be cancelling. 

Is anyone able to support please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @SamnaGhaf,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear that you have had this issue, I would like to go about looking into this further with you, for me to do so I will need to confirm some information from you in a quick private message I will be sending to you now.