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Name change on account

Joining in

Hi, I have read that the only way that Virgin accept a transfer of account name is due to bereavement, but I wonder if anyone could help and offer advice about my situation. 
My grandparents have Virgin internet in their home but it was set up years ago and still have NTL World email addresses. The problem is that the name on the account is in my grandad’s, but he has been diagnosed with dementia and there is no way that he would be able to pass security questions. 
Does anyone know if there is any way that the account can be transferred over to my grandma, so she can manage bills and the account preferences? 


Up to speed

Firstly my condolences for the situation you are in, I understand all too well. 
Technically, no, there is no means for the existing account to be transferred to your Grandma, while your Grandpa is still alive. What you need to do is to get someone else, yourself or your grandma to obtain Power of Attorney over your grandpa’s interests, it doesn’t sound as if it would be too difficult to arrange this.

Once done then this person can negotiate with VM as if they were the account holders (now VM will need a copy of the legal documents first), VM are legally obliged to do this, no arguments!

There is another, legally dubious, but nobody is ever going to kick off about it, do you or your gran happen to know the details for the account, account number, address (well, yes, obviously you know the address), memorable word (probably not), the email address associated with the account and the password? What I am getting at is this, if someone else were to call them and ‘claim’ to be your grandad and had enough information to pass their security, then how would they know?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi candide04,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear about your Grandad, when it comes to cases like this where the password or security questions cannot be remembered we can send out a password reminder.

If you are able to call us when you are with him we can arrange this, once this has been received and access is gained, we can then put a note on the account advising your Gran has full access as she will then have the account password.



Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply, although you say “once this has been received and access granted”; he doesn’t know his own name half the time so there is a zero percent chance that he will be able to pass security and this is the struggle that we are having. 

Hi @candide04,

I completely understand. Does anyone have power of attorney for your grandfather? If so, if evidence of this is supplied then the person holding power of attorney can gain similar rights to the account holder.

You can find more information on this here.


Zach - Forum Team
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