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NETFLIX link aargghh!

Tuning in

So had this working for the last 18 months no problem , renegotiated my contract 2nd Oct and received a email from Netflix stating my subscription was cancelled with virgin media and they charged me £16.99 , spoke to VM and they credited it back to me , no problem , come 2nd of Nov while on holiday in the sun, stopped working and to start up £17.99 a month even though i pay a extra top on on my VM contract for the 4k package, called and raised a ticket , last week , Monday had a AI chat and then a colleague who stated they would send me an activation link , still not received 

I have done everything on the help sections on the website (which is clear as mud ) but cannot see the link and now really frustrated especially after having no problems over the last contract any help would be appreciated , imagine the 10 hour flight back with out Netflix for my 10 year old........




Tuning in

Hi @forum team this has happened to me a month ago i was charged seperatley and still charged the upgrade by Virgin, now that payment i made the month has ended and i have no Netflix and the website is awful to find a soloution can you please help? 

For info the financial side has been corrected yet i now have no netflix which is on my VM account and upgraderd to premium