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My name is money, Money pit please extract

Another ufo unexplained Virgin Media Bill

I wonder if there a bank? licensed to take money

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 20.54.20.pngwrong amounts package changes?

wonders what package changes are for the 14 October I dont recall any changes?

I also do not recognise being charged £25 per month

I also do not understand why my complaint has not been responded too

of course Virgin Media will not remember that my bills are £21:50 

I have been keeping in touch with virgin media who always say the same thing, dont worry we know what your package prices are, thank fully I have captured screen grabs to show that I should be paying £21:50 

there doing quiet well, charged £49 pounds last month which shouldnt have been the case, they dont show an over the telephone payment of 2105p and now they have sneaked in 25 pounds plus some odd change? of £1.28

god forbid what a company