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My latest deal has ended?

Ok guys I had an 18 month deal at the price of £47.50pm for 200mb BB and anytime calls.

Before the deal, I was paying £60.00 so to say I was pleased with the deal would have been an understatement, and I was asked to call back when said deal ended to see if VM could help out again.

Anyway on Saturday (11-04-20) I received my latest bill which was back to £60.00 so I called back and spoke with someone (female) in retention's, I was told that all she could do for me was £59.00pm to which I replied I will cancel my contract and go elsewhere blah blah blah.

After several minutes of chatter she said she could get my bill down to £54.00pm and I agreed (for the time being - 14 day cooling off period).

After several day of thinking about this I decided to come here and see if there is any possibility I could get my original deal back (£47.50).

Just for the record I have been a cable customer since 1992 and I have moved to several different addresses over the years and took cable with, now that is quite a long time of being a customer and a loyal one at that, never missed a payment.

Ok I have prattled on enough now so I will wait and see if there is a response.

Kind Regards


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