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My account has been closed without me being informed

Not sure if this is the correct place to post.

TLDR: My account has been closed without me requesting it to be closed, or me informed by email/text that it's been closed. Now have no internet and can't get through to any call centre because of covid-19. I need to speak to someone at VM but can't seem to do so, any suggestions?

Long version:

I split up with my ex, she has remained in the property and I have left it. The VM account was in my name, so on Friday (03 April 2020) I used the online tools to arrange for a callback. I received the call and discussed my options and was told told the account could be transferred to my ex. I asked for a call back in half an hour so I could discuss this with my ex and get her permission for me to provide VM with her contact details. 

This morning my ex has told me that the internet doesn't work. I feel bad because she is alone and can't leave the house and also is expected to be working from home throughout the week, which she is unable to do without internet access. I logged into my account which says "You're not with Virgin Media anymore". Because of COVID-19 I can't seem to be able to speak directly to anyone at VM and it's important that this get's sorted ASAP, because, realistically, it could take months for my ex to set up a new service in this current siutatuon. Does anyone have any way of contacting VM directly at the moment? 

Really appreciate any help,


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Re: My account has been closed without me being informed


Due to the current situation there is a text message only service is available via: 07533051809 Just send a text with the issue you are facing and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Please bear in mind at this time this service does also have a high load and may take quite some time getting back to you.

Regards Mike

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