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Multiple install dates give, then ignored due to Wayleave

We currently have a Virgin Media phoneline installed at our Warehouse, which is a detached building on a main road, with a couple of houses to the left of the building. We have been trying to also get broadband installed at the warehouse since signing an order with Virgin Media on 11th August 2020. We were given an estimate install date of mid September, which was fine. Come the end of September we've never heard anything from Virgin Media.

It's been impossible to contact Virgin as after been on hold for an hour your phone system automatically hangs up.

After complaining on Twitter it's impossible to contact Virgin, someone reached out and gave me an installation date of October 21st, this was confirmed the day before. On this day no one turned up, despite us keeping our warehouse open until 6pm, 2 hours later than usual.

We found this very rude and inconvenient no one even bothered to make contact to say the engineer wouldn't be coming to install, despite someone agreeing to work overtime to be there for the Virgin engineer to come and complete install.

After a few days I was able to make contact with our "order manager" who told us no engineer went out that day as "Wayleave" was required. I'd no idea what this was at the time and I had to ask the person I was speaking to send information across in email, their was a clear language barrier when speaking on the phone.

From what she told us we required permission from the building owner for Virgin to be able to complete the install. As the company owns both this building and the land it resides on, the business owner signed the "Wayleave" form.

We were then given an install date of 4th November by our order manager:

"We have got some good news! It looks like your property is already connected to the UK's most advanced national fibre optic network. So we're going to send out an engineer to double-check. If they confirm everything is in place, your service will be installed the same day - currently planned for 4th of November between 1pm - 4pm."

Come the 4th of November sure enough despite having confirmation of the installation, again no one turned up.

Our order manager got back to us the next day saying Virgin Media couldn't install due to wayleave been now required from other houses on the street...

So that's two install dates now ignored because Virgin can't decide what info they actually need to undertake the installation...

Why can't Virgin just be up front about what actually needs to happen for the install to take place?

I've questioned why we kept been given install dates no one intended to go out on and have asked why wayleave is required for a building which already has Virgin caballing installed?

My email's have since been ignored for the last two weeks.

I actually managed to get though to someone on the phone yesterday, although again it's clear their was language barrier between us. So I'm still not really sure what we actually need to do? all the person on the phone could do was get our order manager to contact us, who has ignored any communication from myself for the last two weeks now.

It would be nice to speak to someone who can tell us what the actual issue is in regards wayleave, I get the impression Virgin some how think their installing at one of the houses on this street as our Warehouse is 4a (totally separate, detached building) and from what I gather Virgin seem to keep mentioning the two houses by our warehouse.

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Re: Multiple install dates give, then ignored due to Wayleave


With Virginmedia what do you have installed is it with Business or Residential as installing into a warehouse would normally be dealt with by Virginmedia Business if you are with the business team, then I am afraid that this forum is only for Virginmedia residential customer, there is no business support forum you would need to contact

Regards Mike


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