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Moving to another mobile provider- 30 day notice only applies after you use the PAC code????

Another very long standing customer here who is trying to leave having just got fed up with the appalling customer service. Poor grasp of English and only able to follow a script. 10 or so phione calls trying to get roaming sorted out last year , Being treated like an idiot when ringing- really don't need to have the web site instructions read out to me. Being charged for calls abroad when the phone was completely switched off

However having found another provider with a better deal I gave notice in January. As did my husband.. 30 days up in February. Thankfully cancelled the DD.  Used the PAC code, all good with new provider.

So neither of us were expecting a March bill . My husband was told he had used data in early March. Interesting as the SIM was discarded mid February! When he rang he was told he had to pay. He refused and asked for the formal complaints procedure- and was told there was no one he could write to but eventually he was told the charge had been raised. Have the employee's name and staff number. Oh and according to my husband's customer retention advisor the 30 days notice only applies AFTER you use the PAC code. So if he later decided not to have a mobile or not to keep the number- he could be paying Virgin for ever. 

I had a similar experience.It appeared that when we gave notice ( having paid for the next month) we were changed to PAYG with immediate effect- even though we paid the next month's bill in full- although the 30 days was up during this period. Both of us were told that our notice had not been administered correctly.

Sadly I have one more mobile contract on my account so I have all this to go through again.

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