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Moving house - new contract?

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Hi! I’m moving house on the 26/05 (UK) so I called today to move with my current contract. My contract ends on Dec 2023

The thing is, after setting up the move, they sent me an email with a new account number, with my new address, and my contract has a new ending date… on Nov 2024!

I called and they told me not to worry, that it’s something automated by their system and that my contract will still end on Dec 2023. They told me that when doing moves, the system creates a new contract / account number but they send a “fix” to keep the same ending date. And that the account number changes but my old contract is still valid.

I asked them if I was going to receive a new email with the actual contract ending date fixed and they told me that no, but not worry about that. They told me that everything was going to be available on the app after the 26/05 for me to see.

Just want to make sure if this is true, because I have no email/ contract / or any proof that the date will get fixed. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Silvy04 

Welcome to the community forums 

Sorry to hear of your confusion with the account and contract changing with your home move. 

You will receive another account number with your new address, but all other service such as your package and online sign on details should be transferred to the account once active. 

Please do let us know if you have any further concerns though with your contract or online account access and we'll be able to support further if needed. 

Here to help 🙂
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