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Moving home

Tuning in

My current contract runs until October, and the monthly fee is £24 per month.

Earlier this month, I applied online for the July 27th move and chose to keep the existing monthly fee plan.

But I couldn't connect to the Internet at the new place today, so I contacted you, and you helped me complete the move during the conversation, but then I got an email saying my contract was automatically renewed for 18 months, and it became £51.

During my contract period, will moving cancel my preferential monthly fee and renew my contract at the regular rate?

What is the reason for this?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Mrdingleung,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forum. We're sorry to hear that since you have relocated address you have been given a new contract and price.

When you move address, in order to have the services, we have to create a new deal on your new account. This is why you have received a new contract for 18 months at £51 per month.

However, as you had 3 months remaining on your old contract at £24, we generally honour this deal for you. 

Once this deal has ended, you will then be charged the standard rate of the package.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Thank you for your response.

I just confirm, if the contract is still £24 until October? Upon completion of the contract period, it will become a no contract, and the monthly fee will be £51?

Thanks for coming back to us Mrdingleung,

That is correct, if you have negotiated a new deal with our team before you moved address for £24, this will remain for the 18 month term. If you wish to go on a rolling 30 days contract when your original contract ends October you will pay £51 per month.

You will need to contact our team in October so we can look at your deal and make sure we change the term length. 

Kind regards Jodi.