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Moving House: How do I leave?

Hi and welcome

I am moving house and due to move out of my old house ASAP like in a month's time once I give my one months notice (of course) to my landlord.

Anyways.............. I know this is'nt going to be easy or hesitate to say might not be but I have tried  the 0345 454 1111 number on http://www.virginmedia/contact >>>  'moving home' - - 'services no longer required' option. I appear to be caught in a loop.

I know it easy to sign up but how hard is it to leave ? which number do I call?
How can I expedite the process just by speaking to someone. I am paying money for a service in a property I am no longer resident in and have now moved out of. Thanks.

I figured asking this on the forum would expedite the process. My new property is not covered by VM so that makes the decision easy.....i.e to leave. I already have internet supplied here from BT ( it is a family home so there is no urgent need to have an additional line for example)

Please Help !!! THANK YOU !!!!

P.S I think they got about 3 years out of me over two properties that were already supplied or in a servcieable area etc.  I was 6 months at the first property and 2 yrs  4 months at the second property both supplied by VM, thanks who I have no issue with or the line. The first contract rolled over into the second property and the minimum term reset which has now expired so I don't owe them any early disconnection fee.


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Re: Moving House: How do I leave?

Hi spin-drift,

You could try the text messaging service.

Just send  a text with a description of regrade  to 07533 051809. Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible. This is the option I suggest you go for, you'll probably get a callback in a day or two. Make sure your check under My Profile, My Preferences in  MyVirginMedia, and that it's set to receive marketing, you can always turn it off again ( just in case that prevents you receiving calls from the move home team)

You can also call  150 from your Virgin landline, or 0345 454 1111, options 1,1 and 4 (moving homebut best to call at 8am to avoid call queues


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