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Moving Home

Joining in

Hi there,

I am expecting to move in early December. Result from a quick search told me that I won't be getting VM in the new place, even though it's on the same street so I will need to prepare to stop using VM.

I would like to know the timeframe like deadline for terminating VM and cancelling the direct debit and other admin procedures I will need to go through. 

Please advise. Thank you.


Up to speed

Well, the first thing is that you need to give VM a minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation, so you’ll need to do this within the next week or so. The next thing to consider is are you still within the minimum 18 month contract period? If not, then it should be all straightforward, you simply cancel, otherwise, then you might be liable for early disconnection fees. However, if you are moving to a place which VM don’t or can’t service, then these fees will be refunded (alas you need to pay them, then send VM proof of your new address, they work out that it isn’t serviceable) and then they refund the fees.

In terms of the DD, don’t actually cancel it for a couple of months. The logic here is that often VM’s billing cycle doesn’t match with your leaving dates (VM bill in advance), so it is possible that they might bill you the whole of December (but then refund the pro-rata cost), but if the DD has already been cancelled, then it will register as a failed or late payment, which can adversely effect your credit rating. Yes, eventually, it will get sorted out, but do you want the extra hassle?

What else? Well if you are using any VM-branded email addresses, these should be closed and deleted after 90 days or so, so start making alternative arrangements.

Thank you TableTop for your quick reply.

May I ask, for minimum of 30 days notice of cancellation to VM, shoud I email them? I do not recall seeing offical email contact of VM. Last time when I had a question about the bill, I posted it here and got it answered.

Thanks again for your help.

Hello terryfat.

Thanks for your post.

Regarding your home move, @TableTop has beaten me to explaining the process.

If you don't get the chance to call you can book the move online right here 

Can you please keep me posted on how you get on.


Thanks for getting in touch Gareth_L.

I have checked the link you sent me and get told again that it is unserviceable in my new address (though it's on the same street I have to say).

I will be able to confirm the move-in date by next week. I wonder if you could tell me how I can submit my cancel application/book my cancellation online, which is a better way for me than making a call.

Thank you very much.

Another question came to me. Actually I would really like to check if the house I am going to move to has no  coverage from VM. I have checked other houses around all have VM covered. I am not sure if that is really the case or a mistake in the page I visited saying that house has no coverage by VM. 

Is there any way I can talk to someone to confirm the availability of VM in my street? I have tried Max Mover BOT but there is still no one taking me in the queue after a 2-hour wait... I don't think that will be the way I can get the answer I want. Kindly help. Many thanks.

We have some more info here on how to cancel your services.

Forum Team

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