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Moving Home


So I've had to move my house move again due to the lockdown. First time I moved the date and had everything confirmed to the new date. I was then disconnected anyway and since then my contract has been changed to lose the phoneline and I've been charged for 'adding new items to my package' which I have not Virgin had messed up my move date.

I've moved the date again but nothing has been cancelled or moved. I have contacted Virgin 3 times now and I've still not had it resolved even tho each time someone has told me it had been sorted.

My questions are; why are you charging me for your mistakes? How can you change my contact to something I haven't agreed to? Why are you not cancelling my move when I have been told 3 times it has? What do you plan to do to compensate me for breaking our contract and charging me for your own errors and incompetence? 

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