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Moving Home


I am moving home on 15th November. I can’t take any of the services with me as my new home cant get virgin media.

i called customer services on 14th October to give the months notice to stop the service on 14th November. I have received the packaging from virgin to return the equipment

Today i received a bill which I thought would be my final one but it’s saying it’s for services from 1st to 31st December. Direct debit payment will be taken for a normal full month

I called customer services and was basically told that as the bill has been generated, I have to pay it.

Surley that can’t be correct? What happens if i just cancel the direct debit with the bank ?

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Re: Moving Home

What you have been told is correct.

The billing cycle continues and your next bill has been cut as you’re still within your 30 days notice period (and still a customer).

You pay the bill and your final bill will credit any overpayment, after you have actually left.

Cancelling your DD just results in you not paying a valid bill with any attendant outcomes from doing so.

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