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Moved from trial to paid broadband unable to access new online account.

On our wavelength


I am having issues registering for an online account. I was on a trial which was due to end on the 31/10/23 Virgin ended it early without letting me know. I contacted and signed up for a package, I received no contract and no correspondence at all. I have had a connection for two weeks and I am unable to register online. When I signed up I used my old details to pass DPA and they used that account to register me but have since given me a new account number which isn't recognised. So now I appear to have two accounts but can only access the closed one. 

After over an hour and a half on the telephone to get no resolution and to be hung up on is really abhorrent. Where do I go from here as the telephone team seem unable to resolve this. 


Any help would be much appreciated.