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Money taken from bank account and credit on account

Tuning in

had a package with VM for £26.99 a month. This price was supposed to last until 1/8/23 as outlined in a message from yourselves 'Yes, this will be till end of contract till 1/8/23. Hope now this is clear and is there anything I need to assist you?"

I have been charged £44 from my bank account on the second of August. My contract was cancelled and services disconnected on the 12th of August. However, another £44 has been taken from the £74 credit that is due to me. I discussed this with the customer service who said they had no record of a payment being taken. After showing them proof of the payment being taken from my bank and of the £44 being taken out of my credit they said they will refund me the £74. This still means I have been charged £44 for a month where I have only had 12 days of service. I also received and email today that I am only being refunded £30.80. I need this sorted out. I don't understand how the customer service seems to get things wrong every single time. I would have stayed with virgin if it wasn't such stress any time something goes wrong.