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Missold contract

On our wavelength

After a long wait on phone, I spoke to someone about failure to provide a new hub because the landline is being switched off. Not easy as the person's English was appalling with a lot of background noise. Took a lot of please repeat that to get anywhere.

He said he'd get a new hub out to me (but I've no idea when)

Then said I can get a new contract for only £65/month (it's currently £85) and would I would be happy to continue. Said yes. Then he said having problems activating so it'll be a £75/month contract, then said he's having problems setting that up so he'll transfer me to customer accounts (or something similar) but after waiting another 15 mins (after already spending hour on phone) I gave up as it was time for dinner.

Got an email saying my contract has changed and that, after 19 months, it'll be either £131 or £156/month. wth. Oh, and there's a £35 set up fee for the privilege. 

Went into MyVirginMedia and see something has changed, including loss of landline. I don't want this and would prefer to stay with current contract.

How can I get this actioned without being moved around various depts spending hours on phone trying to understand people who can't speak English English


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Pegasus2711,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that your currently without a working landline. 

We're you not sent the adaptor for the home phone switch over. We notify customers by text or email at least 3 months before the switch takes place to let you know what date this will happen.

As you are now without a working landline, we will need to get this re-connected for you. So, we can do this, I will pop you over a private message to take some details, please click on the envelope at the top of the page to accept the chat. 

With regards to package changes and new contract deals, this is not something we deal with from this forum. As you have already called the team, and did not get the help you required, you can use our WhatsApp messaging service on 
0730 532 7112. Our team will look at alternative package deals for you. 

Please come back to me via private message so I can assist you with the telephone issue.

Kind regards Jodi.