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Mis sold regarding new deal which appears does not include BT Sport or TNT as it’s called

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I have recently renegotiated my contract and after being many years with the highest bundle possible (Volt and others) which always included BT sport. I was re- assured by the representative that although it is a new mega bundle I would get the exact service as I was receiving before. I repeated this many times and talked about BT Sport/TNT and although the monthly fee was higher than I was previously paying it was in an acceptable range. I have now lost the TNT service tonight when watching the TV and have only found out through the forum that TNT was not covered / not happy at all. Mis sold and losing patience. Why can’t they tell you exactly what it is you are getting and allow me as the consumer to make an appropriate decision. 


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TNT Sports, the old BT Sports, is not a part of any bundle since half a dozen weeks or so.

Its a recent change and of all the sus things VM agents do this one might be an innocent one.

If you are within your 14 days cooling off period cancel the contract and ask to speak with the Disconnections Department.

They will give you an even better deal in terms of price.

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Exactly same has happened to me this week - I feel annoyed that I expressed specifically that I wanted the exact channels and asked regarding the BT sport/TNT and they told it would all be the same. I’m actually on hold trying to get through - aaarrrggghhh - maybe the sales people are too focused on retention and not the truth. 

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Forum Team

Hi JBFYorkshirePud,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear there's been some confusion with your package. Package changes aren't something we deal with via this forum. However, so I can get a few more details from you, I've popped you over a private message.