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Mis-sold disaster via Virgin

Joining in


Long old story, can anyone help me or let me know what I can do to get online..

So our contract came to an end and we were bumped up to the £100+ amount. I called up and told them verbally that I wanted to give notice to leave to which they responded that they would look at some offers etc. I told them I’d think about the offers. Does them offering me alternative deals mean my notice doesn’t stand?

Anyways they didn’t put a notice on my account so got charged another month and gave notice again. Woman on the phone said they’d review the call and see if I gave notice but when I called a few days later the person on the phone just read some notes from the previous phone call. I let the extra month charge go and just confirmed the leaving date.

Proceeded to get a new deal with sky starting on the 8th June. Virgin ending 14th June but leaving phone line open so Sky can take number. Sky (openreach) had so many problems sorting issues out that no sky internet available on 18th and wouldn’t be fixed until at least 25th. 

I didn’t want to be without internet for that long so I called Virgin (sales team) and asked if I could remain with them and keep my phone number. The woman on the phone said yes but need to set up a new account and that I’d need to completely cancel my old virgin contract 1st (phone line open for no. carryover).

So I call virgin who say they can’t cancel it until sky have stopped the order because of the phone line. Call sky to cancel and they start the process. Call Virgin to see if they can cancel now and the person says that I’ve been lied to and once leaving virgin I can’t rejoin for 90 days. So now I have no provider at all, no landline no. (Is my old number lost for good?) and the next available spot on Openreach is in July. All of this because I was blatantly lied to by a member of the sales team. I only called the sales team because I had a text message from them a week prior saying 100mb internet for £16. 

Is there anyway I can go with Virgin and get an install ASAP or at the very least keep my old phone number to carry over. I’m stuck working from home with no internet at all



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Everestus, 

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums 🙂

I am so sorry for the confusion on your contract.

If you told our team, that you were looking over the deals offered we would not have put the disconnection through.

If you wanted to keep your landline we would need to port it over to your new provider so the line would need to stay open and your landline services would need to be active. We would not be able to cancel the order until Sky have cancelled the port request but this would leave your number to be disowned.
If you cancelled, we would not be able to take you on as a new customer for 3 months.
Is your number active? When you last spoke to someone on our team or Skys team what did they advise about your number? Let us know and we will do our best to assist



Hi Zoie,

Thanks for your response. I phoned Virgin today and they said the landline is still active and won’t be cancelled unless A). Sky complete the takeover or B). I give them 30 days notice. 

Problem is about an hour after that phone call I spoke to Sky and they’d just cancelled the service so I tried to re-order through Sky and they said the number wasn’t showing up anymore. Is that because Sky cancelled the order and that prompted Virgin to deactivate the line or is the number still held somewhere?

Thank you for the update @Everestus.

If the landline is still active, Sky should be able to issue the port for your new services. If your landline is not active with us, the number would indeed be lost.

In this case, please get in contact with Sky again, who can request the port and see what is possible.


Forum Team

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