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Mis Sold Deal due to moving


I spoke to a lady in the sales department today over the phone as im having some trouble with moving my existing contract to a new address! All flats except mine (in the new building) can for some reason recieve virgin media services according to the movers team. (They are sending a spotter out to hopefully resolve this)

My worry is now though that if that cant be rectified i have been deliberately misinformed by the sales team that services were available at the propety, not only that but I agreed to upgrade my package which I was told was only going to be an extra £7 a month more! But what she did not tell me was that it actually wasn't available at the property and also that id have to pay set up charge on top!

Extremley annoyed by this clear lack of information and misselling as the calls are recorded how can this be actioned? or am i able to cancel the upgrade to my deal before this goes any further?


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Re: Mis Sold Deal due to moving

Hi there @Sonnyb19


Welcome to our Community - I was sorry to understand that there may be an issue installing our services at your new home. We cannot guarantee that services can be moved with you; this can be the case for non-cabled areas as well as cabled areas that have restrictions. 


When you sign a contract with us it is for a fixed period of time and the agreement is between the company (us) and the customer (you) as well as the company and the address that's been installed. The obligation of Virgin Media is to supply the property for the full period of the agreed contract. 


If you need or chooses to change address and we are unable to come with you, this is something Virgin Media has no jurisdiction over. Virgin Media would therefore expect all of the remaining contractually agreed payments to be made, as this was agreed at the start of the contract, meaning that you may be liable to pay early disconnection fees. These are capped at £240.


If you have recently upgraded on your current active account, you have 14 days to change your mind can cancel it; this would then revert you back to your old package and if that contract had come  to an end, you will then be on a rolling 30 day contract. 


I assure you, we would never deliberately misinform you. We would initial check the address you have provided on our systems which would confirm it is in a Virgin Media area. It is only once we go to book an installation where we would be informed that the property/home/area may have service issues. 


Hope you get good news about your new home soon. Keep us posted if you can. 

Katie - Forum Team

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