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Mates rates

Joining in

So just a quick question I have a virgin media broadband package m250 I think it’s called also have a sim only out of contract unlimited everything and also have a o2 contract phone unlimited everything.

now my friend has just started his new job with virgin as a installer I believe and mentioned he has a portal he can long into to add people for mates rates but from what he’s said he can only apply discounts if I’m to take out to contracts ie like a new customer and can’t apply a discount to a existing customer.

but he did said he’s got a little confused by it all lol is he correct or can he indeed add me to his mates rates as a current customer believe he said it was like 20% discount thanks for any help on this 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Mates rates is a small discount staff can give friends who are new customers

So only applies to new customers thanks for the reply 

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I am looking to get a better deal for my broadband and have been through sales agents, online chat and was given two numbers for Mates Rates as I work for Virgin Money. First number was not valid and the second number (0800 0643840) I was put through to a noisy call centre where I could not hear the operator and they did not seem to know what mates rates was. During my conversation with the operator I was suddenly transferred to another person who asked me to say my name, which I did, and then said she could not heat me so hung up the home. Extremely rude and frustrating. I have phoned main Virgin media line and asked the agent I am speaking to on Whatsapp and none of them have been able to get me a Mates Rate price.