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Letter informing about installation that I never requested


(Not sure if this is a correct Board to post in but I cannot see a more suitable option)

Today I have received a letter informing me about an installation of Virgin Media services in about a month's time (no idea what kind of services). I have not signed up for anything from Virgin Media as my broadband and phone provider is BT and I'm happy with them

The only thing I can recall is a door-to-door Virgin salesperson who knocked on my door around 2 weeks ago. He was offering Virgin services and almost demanding for me to sign up to what he was offering. I have said explicitly that I will consult it with other household members, but DID NOT EXPLICITLY AGREE to any installations of any form of Virgin Media services. He seemed quite angry, turned around and stormed off... 

I've been trying to communicate with Virgin both over the phone and the online chat, with no luck. Waited on the line for 1h15m on 2 occassions today with no answer. I have no information about the online account for Virgin as this letter is the only form of information (with account number) I have about any business with Virgin. All of this comes as a massive surprise. I do not want to switch Broadband / Telephone providers and it plainly seems ridiculous that Virgin signed me up for something that I have not accepted or paid for (I assume Virgin Media has not got access to my bank details since I have never provided them).

I understand the current pandemic situation puts a huge strain on the callcenters of Virgin but none of this comes from my mistake. I am now having to deal with a company's business that I have never intended to do business with.

Please could anyone tell me how I can contact a human being and get this sorted? I don't want to resort to trading standards route or GDPR for unlawful misuse of personal data (like my name, address) or willingness to use Virgin services.


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